Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jack and John Recorded by the 78 Project

John Cohen (of the New Lost City Ramblers and oft times of the Down Hill Strugglers) plays "Danville Girl" for the 78 Project, recorded live at the 2013 Brooklyn Folk Festival.

The 78 Project is an amazing thing that's going on right now; they are traveling around with a 1930's Presto Disc Cutter and appropriate microphone, cutting modern shellac 78rpm records, similar to those made by Lomax and even commercial recordings in the 1930's. Its is amazing to hear modern performances through that medium, and is an important step in making those old recordings come alive for us now, and forcing us to accept our own music as a genuinely akin to happened way back...

Its amazing to hear John and Jackson (see below post) play their songs and then hear them played back off the brand new ancient sounding, modern sounding 78rpm disc. A big thanks to the 78 Project for doing this! 

Jackson Lynch of the Down Hill Strugglers performs "the Roving Cowboy" for the 78 Project, recorded live on stage at the 2013 Brooklyn Folk Festival! Check out their website:, where you can hear the play back of Jack's recording - and also see videos and hear the audio of the many other great recordings they have done.