Thursday, January 24, 2013

Saturday Feb. 9th at the Jalopy Theatre

Hey everybody,

  Please join as at the Jalopy Theatre on Saturday Feb. 9th for our CD release show for our new album, Home Recordings: Vol. 1!  The show starts at 9pm with an opening set by the 4 O'clock Flowers - a excellent folk/blues duet.  Not to be missed!  Then we will take to the stage.

   Samples from the record can be heard at

Hope to see you there!

The show:
Saturday, Feb 9th
Jalopy Theatre
315 Columbia St. btwn Woodhull and Hamilton
Brooklyn, NY

Mountain Stage Radio Show March 10th...

We are very pleased to be appearing on the Mountain Stage radio program on Sunday, March 10th.  Check it out on your local radio station, see the Mountain Stage website for the podcast and broadcast schedule!

We'd like to thank the Birthplace of Country Music Alliance for bringing us to Bristol, TN for this broadcast.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Check out our Folkways record..!

Hey everybody - don't forget to check out the album that we released in August of last year, in the previous incarnation of our band, "the Dust Busters," on the Smithsonian Folkways label!

To quote the Folkways website:

On Old Man Below, The Dust Busters point the way for a new generation of old-time music devotees. Standing squarely in the lineage of the New Lost City Ramblers, their reverence for tradition runs deep while their interpretations bring fresh meaning and a sense that their music is as contemporary as any other. Dust Busters mentor and Ramblers elder John Cohen joins Eli Smith, Walker Shepard, and Craig Judelman in this solidly grounded, future-looking album of classic melodies that makes the legacy of yesterday the sound of today. 60 minutes, 36-page booklet with photos and extensive notes.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home Recordings Vol. 1 Liner Notes

Here are the liner notes for the Down Hill Strugglers album "Home Recordings: Volume 1."

This album was recorded around a single microphone over the course of 2 days while we were staying in a house on the former site of Sodom, KY.  At present it is only available for purchase at our live shows.

The songs are listed below along with information on who played what and one or two of the source recordings that inspired our own version.

Cover drawing by Walker Shepard.

1. Colored Aristocracy
Source: The Rich Family - Recorded by Charles Seeger during the Arthurdale Festival, Arthurdale, W.V., Archive of folk Culture, Library of Congress, 1936.
Walker - banjo
Jackson - fiddle
Eli - mandolin

2. All Gone Now
Source: Georgia Yellow Hammers/Clyde Evans Band - Columbia Records 1929 
Walker - guitar, harmony voice
Jackson - fiddle, lead voice
Eli - mandolin
John - banjo

3. In the Good Old Summer Time
Source: Uncle Dave Macon - Vocalion Records 1926
Walker - guitar
Jackson - fiddle
Eli - banjo, voice

4. Eighth of January
Source: The Arkansas Barefoot Boys - Okeh Records 1928
Walker - banjo
Jackson - fiddle
Eli - guitar, harmonica

5. Ain't Gonna Lay My Armour Down
Source: McVay and Johnson - Columbia Records 1928
Walker - fiddle, voice
Jackson - guitar, harmony voice
Eli - banjo

6. Four Cent Cotton
Source: Gid Tanner and His Skillet Lickers - Columbia Records 1931
Walker - fiddle
Jackson - fiddle, voice
Eli - guitar
John - mandolin

7. Sugar in the Gourd
Source: Marcus Martin - Recorded for the Library of Congress by Margot Mayo 1946
Jackson - lead fiddle
Walker - backing fiddle
Eli - harmonica

8. Leaning on the Everlasting Arm
Source: Cogar and McGhee - Gennett Records 1928 
Walker - fiddle, harmony voice
Jackson - fiddle, lead voice
Eli - guitar, whistling

9. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
Source: Fiddlin' John Carson - Okeh Records 1928
Walker - fiddle
Jackson - guitar 
Eli - harmonica, voice
John - banjo

10.  Ladies on the Steamboat
Source: Burnett & Rutherford - Columbia Records 1927, Clyde Davenport - Field Records Collective Vol. 1 Released 2005
Walker - fiddle
Jackson - guitar
Eli - banjo

11. Way Out West in Kansas
Source: Nimrod Workman - "The Land of Yahoe" (Rounder Records 1996), Vernon Dalhart - Edison 1924
Walker - fiddle
Jackson - fiddle
Eli - guitar, voice

12. Johnson Boys
Source: Grant Brothers - Columbia Records 1928
Walker - banjo, voice
Jackson - fiddle
Eli - mandolin

13. Likes Likker Better Than Me
Source: Woodie Brothers - Victor Records 1931
Walker - banjo
Jackson - guitar, voice
Eli - harmonica

14. Goodbye My Honey I'm Gone
Source: Grant Brothers - Columbia Records 1928
Walker - guitar, harmonica
Jackson - fiddle, voice
Eli - mandolin

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Greetings.  This is a brand new website, look out for more information coming soon about New York City based Old Time string band the Down Hill Strugglers - including music, tour dates, photos and video, etc...  Check back soon!